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September 2006

29 is a successful number


Post-soul searching period (pre 29th Birthday) I came to the conclusion, as I rode my beautiful motorbike to work along the misty roads in rural East Anglia, that I had successfully managed to stay alive for a heck of a long time. Life is good.
Success is purely about your own perspective. Sometimes you just have to adjust your perspetive a little.

I seem to be in a rather unadventurous period. However, I have still managed a few adventures. I have been photographing things like I know what I am doing, have visited weird and wonderful villages all over the country, have plotted the 'monopoly mile' which I anticipate renaming to something more correct and I have found myself in the lucky position of doing a bit more acting. Its not hollywood or the bbc but its darn good stuff.

A few months ago I did a monologue as a part of the first annual Camfringe Festival. WriteOn is a group of writers, actors, directors who are all there to give the writers the chance to workshop pieces/have pieces read and performed/develop their own creative ability. Its great. The monologue I did was call Red Riding Hood by Anne French. About a young independent women and her confrontation with a middle-aged do-gooder who can't understand anyone walking 'without a dog'! I felt it was hilariously funny if a little twisted by the end. The director Matt really brought out the humour and (thankfully) I managed to get laughs by following script and direction as well as I could.

Its been many months since I last tread boards. Rowing takes up all the time I would normally have for rehearsal (fours head in Nov - watch out for updates). It was great to get the chance to do it all again.

I have another part in October to play with this group - I am an art teacher called Clare. The piece reads really well so it will be interesting to see what its like 'live'.

I do love acting.

Also - sad of sad news - our rooster, Barney, has disappeared. If you see him send him home. He has two chickens he needs to be keeping an eye on! :-)

Other than that I feel like I am doing much of the same stuff. Its still a case of constant wonderment to travel around some of the places I see regularly. After nearly 5 years here I still get a tingle when I see a 'truly English' setting. I have heard of yet more places to see and itch to get the bike out for a really good long tour. If I'm honest I'm too chicken to do it yet but I'm sure I will get there.

I'm hopeful that the wondermen lasts a lifetime. Its a beautiful world!

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A General Entry of thoughts

blah blah blah

semi-overcast 20 °C

It is now September. I keep getting asked if this birthday is 'the big one'. I'm not sure I find this complimentary but I take a lot of delight in being able to deny it. Its my 29th actually, thank you very much.

I like birthdays. The only bad one so far was 25 when I had a mini flid about being 25 and having achieved nothing in particular. Then I realised I was on the other side of the world, I'd seen more of the world than a lot of my friends and I'd met some of the most brilliant people - basically I got over my flid pretty quickly. When you have Rome in yoru basket of memories and the opportunity to visit it lots more what can possibly bring you down? Turning 29 apparently can!

So I guess I've started a bit of a soul search. I've questioned myself quite a lot lately. I have a few goals but not the single-minded drive about achieving them just yet. I really must change this. (see what I mean?!)

Oh - I have also had a pre-midlife crisis.
But I believe I have mentioned this previously. As an update we are getting along nicely though today I seem to have decided to drive like an idiot. Thats stopping right now.

I think I am in need of a goal. I like plans, making them, working on them then seeing them come to fruition. I like having something to focus on.

Perhaps 2 weeks off rowing has finally gotten to me?

If you have any thoughts on what I can get up to let me know. All (tasteful) suggestions considered!

Ciao - Travelling Mc.

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