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Off to Cheshire for the weekend. Taking the dogs up to visit family in the lush and rolling countryside of the north!
A big test for the baby of the family - our 2 yr old GSdog Jack who has never travelled so far and is still being socialised.
Should be lovely. Its typically either very cold or very hot in the area we are heading too so there will be jerseys and jeans on hand if the weather looks like heading down hill as we head up to Cheshire.


Update: Weekend went really well! Weather was all over the place but started out nicely! Jack was a sweety and didn't get up to too much trouble (apart from running off with a border collie for a little bit!) Both dogs did really well on the 4 hour drive and didn't act up or anything! Cheshire was supreme with its lush rolling countryside and new potatoes for sale at every farm gate! Somehow we still managed to forget to get any before heading home but thats a step better than the 20 kilo bag Anton insisted on buying this time last year!

Its all good!

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My first Trip to spain was glorious. the people were welcoming and the food was fantastic! (Both highly important in my book!)

We stayed about 2 seconds from Las Ramblas - the main strip in the city - and spent our time either wandering about exploring the gothic quarter or the waterfront or the shopping areas right near our B&B/hostel or we were on the tour buses heading all over the city seeing as much as we could. From the football stadium to Gaudi's architecture you can say that Barcelona has so much to offer you'd need to live there and not work - just visit things - to see it all. My most favourite experience was Gaudis Cathedral - the Sagrada Famille - which is still under construction over 100 years after its beginning and still has 20 years to go. I was told after my visit that it is a Kiwi architect who is managing the project now which makes it even more special to me.
The cathedral is amazing. Because the building was started over a century ago the orignal areas that have been completed look really ol dan make it look as if the builidng work is simply renovation being carried out behind an original facade. But its not - the facade is actually just the area that has already been finished while the main cathedral interior is still being worked on. Small fact: Gaudi's Cathedral is the only cathedral in the world still under construction.
You can walk up and around the 4 towers at the front of the cathedral and getup so high you ahve the most amazing view of the city! And then you can go underneath and see all of the scale models and gaudis workshop and his burial place - it is simply the best thing to see in Barcelona. Don't go up the towers if you are claustraphobic or get vertigo.

Truly a fabulous city - it has something for everyone from shopping to extreme tower climbing and historical and modern interest things absolutely everywhere! Well worth the visit.
End of story.:)

Travelling Mc!

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